How To Escape Approach Anxiety, Lack Of Confidence And Running Out Of Things To Say, To Triggering Attraction And Sexual Desire In Women.

For men everywhere who desire to be with the woman of their dreams... but haven't quite figured out the secrets" to the complicated woman's heart...

  • Still believe in, and use scripted pick-up lines? Hopefully NOT because girls HATE that!
  • Get nervous, choke down your words, and fumble to say the right thing in front of women? YIKES!
  • Constantly end up in the "friend zone" because girls think you're too "nice"? BLAH!
  • Even know what the 8 C's to scientific flirting are? If not, then...

My Friend, If You've Been Struggling To Flirt With Women...
It's Not Your Fault!

You've probably just been given terrible advice.

People have probably convinced you that "pick-up lines" actually work. They don't.

You may think that you have to be a total douche bag to get girls to notice you. You don't.

Your friends and family may have even just told you to... "Get over it" or "Be yourself. But you can't.

Not without help.

Are You Ready For Simple,
Fool-Proof Flirting Techniques
That Actually WORK?

Tell me if you've experienced any of these completely frustrating problems:

  • Suffering from shyness or awkwardness in social situations. Have you ever been the guy standing in the corner watching dozens of attractive women walk by... and not being able to muster up the nerve to start a conversation? (This happens more often than you think!)
  • Getting stuck in the dreaded "Friend Zone." There's an art to flirting, and if you don't have it down pat, you'll forever be the "good friend" and watch your potential mate go out with guys who are half as intelligent and good-looking as you.(Remember Duckie in "Pretty in Pink"? Yeah, that guy.)
  • Staying home on a Friday night because you "just don't know how to talk to women." It's a pretty lonely world when you're spending your weekend watching "Star Trek" reruns because getting out and talking to girls is just too frightening!
  • Coming across as "creepy" or "obnoxious" because you've tried those "sure-fire" pick-up lines your friends told you to use. (Believe me, women can see right through pick-up lines, and they simply don't work!)

But what if I told you that there are simple techniques that will help you:

  • Approach women confidently so that they want to talk to you, without having to resort to cheesy pick-up lines or making flimsy excuses to start up a conversation
  • Master flirting "on the fly" so that you'll never miss an opportunity to attract a date
  • Appear natural and authentic in all kinds of social situations, so that you'll make real connections with women (and vastly increase your chances of getting their phone numbers and land DATES)
  • Master the science of flirting, so that you can attract women while other guys stand by and wonder how you became so popular

If You Want to Meet Women Easily, Overcome Hesitation in Social Situations, and Be the Guy Every Girl Wants to Date... Then You Need

Effortless Flirting.

Look, I know it might seem difficult to believe that you can approach women confidently and skyrocket your dating life... particularly if you've been the one in the corner watching the other guys get all the attractive girls...

It's not your fault.

See, there's a science behind flirting. You probably didn't know that, because most people will tell you that when it comes to meeting women... either you have it, or you don't.

But when you have the right tools...

You'll feel more confident when you're in social situations, even if you've never met anyone there.

You'll feel comfortable striking up conversations with attractive women, so that you don't have to resort to the same old tired lines that everyone else is using.

You'll conquer shyness once and for all - no more standing by and letting some other guy take home the girl you want!

You'll master the art of body language, so that women will see you as authentic and confident instead of awkward and unsure of yourself (and believe me, body language is critical to talking to women)!

Are You Ready To
Finally Be the One
Guy Every Woman
Wants to Date?

Here's what you'll get in this exclusive video training:

What's Waiting Inside For YOU When You Crack Into "Effortless Flirting" Today!

In our first module, I’ll walk you through the basics, like:

  • EXACTLY what effective flirting looks like. All you have to do is watch & copy and you will be on your way to becoming a lean, mean flirting machine!
  • What flirting ACTUALLY means and how to tell the difference between flirting - and getting "friend zoned"
  • Why flirting works... broken down into a clear and obvious structure so that you can start using it WHENEVER you want!
  • The 8C's of Attraction that make you your most attractive self before flirting.
  • The 4 "Attraction Builders" that makes women feel playful when they're around you, feel desired by you, see you as a confident man, and gets them to chase you.
  • A visual breakdown of the entire structure of a conversation between a man and a woman so you can see exactly where you to flirt and how much for maximum effectiveness.

Up next you’ll see:

  • How to use “The Confident Stance;”
  • How to use “The Confident Lean;”
  • How to use pinpoint areas of YOUR body to attract pinpoint areas of hers... it might surprise you just how SIMPLE this process really is
  • The "instant turn-on" body language system - get women turned on instantly... without saying a WORD. (diagrams and pics included)
  • The secret method of movement used by famous movie actors to instantly change their body language from stiff and average to Smooth and Sexy
  • Everything you need to know about how to use eye contact to create a deeper connection with a girl: how much of it to use, when to use it, and when to look away
  • How to use your smile strategically in 3 phases so that she 1. Become interested in you as a person 2. Cares for you as a friend and 3. Desires you as a lover

You reveal:

  • My favorite Verbal Flirting Techniques... attracting women by being yourself is EXACTLY what I am going to teach you how to do here!
  • Real examples of these techniques... forget about theory, this stuff really works and I am going to prove it to you with these examples!
  • The Do's and Don'ts of flirting by teasing so that she enjoys it and feels attracted to you without the risk of hurting her feelings or offending her and getting sent to the "Brother or Creep Zone"
  • Scripted Templates for you to use today and start flirting with beautiful women
  • The specific types of compliments and teases that make a girl become instantly attracted to you!
  • How to use a very powerful combination of teasing and flirting called "Push Pull" that gets a woman's emotions to the point where she's willing to do anything for you
  • The right way and the wrong way to compliment a woman
  • How to state your intentions to a girl in a way that doesn't cause her to get freaked out about it and run away and never talk to you again

By the end of this module you will know:

  • How to Touch girls to make them feel sexual and attracted to you.
  • How to use the "Seductive Handshake" to zap her body with electricity and put YOU in control of the flirting...
  • The specific parts on her body to touch her and how to do it... tapping into these "erogenous zones" = more powerful than ANYTHING you can possibly ever say with words...
  • Various Touching Maneuvers to attract a girl and get out of the friend zone... even if you've been stuck in that purgatory since elementary school!
  • All the signs she's interested in you... and how to tell when it's time to move on!
  • MORE real examples that you can copy and use TODAY!

ALearn how to effortlessly flirt no matter WHERE on earth you might be...

  • How to win over any girl at a party, get the "Seal of Approval" from her friends and become the most popular person in the room (and the #1 biggest mistake that most guys make at a party that makes doing any of this impossible)
  • Learn "Heavy Flirting" so you can walk into any bar, lounge, or club and get the girls there flirting back with you within 2 minutes of meeting
  • Learn "Light Flirting" for casual settings like grocery stores, book stores, and coffee shops to establish an emotional connection with a woman first and get her number after
  • Exactly what to do when you meet a cute girl on a sidewalk that gets her to see you as a new friend and not as a creepy stranger
  • My all time favorite close for getting a date with a woman
  • How to know when it will be better for you to call or text a girl and what to say to get her to call back or reply to you
  • Finally, have the confidence to walk up to that girl you just saw out of the corner of your eye... and quickly communicate to her that YOU are the one she has been waiting for...


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Here's exactly what you
get when you try "effortless flirting":

All of the training is available for instant download, so you won't have to wait another single minute to learn how to effortlessly attract the women you want in your life! You can literally begin as soon as you download the videos!

But that's not all!

You'll get a bonus audio download showing you exactly how to use text messaging to flirt with girls. Your training also includes a "cheat sheet" you can use to laser-focus your flirting techniques and be ready for ANY situation!

  • Verbal Flirting Lines to Get Her Attracted
  • Physical Flirting Examples to Sexually Seduce Her
  • Body Language Flirting Hacks to Appear Powerful & Confidence
  • Flirty Escalation Example Cheat Sheet
  • Nearly 100 Pages of Step by Step Flirting Techniques and Methods
  • Fully Illustrated and Detailed Graphic of Structure of a Conversation
  • Verbal Flirting Lines to Get Her Attracted
  • Physical Flirting Examples to Sexually Seduce Her
  • Body Language Flirting Hacks to Appear Powerful & Confidence
  • Flirty Escalation Example Cheat Sheet
  • The 3 Best Times to Text a Girl
  • The #1 Best Text to Send After the First Date
  • How to Setup the Initial First Date Via Text
  • The 4 Cardinal SINS of Texting & How to Avoid Them
  • How To Know When To Call and When To Text
  • How To Dial Up a Girl's Interest In You From Mildly Interested To Meeting You at Your Place to Hang Out
  • The Sexiest Outfits to Wear for Every Occasion
  • The One Piece That Makes Women Crave to Be With You
  • How to Dress to Attract Different Types of Women
  • The Biggest Mistakes Most Men Make In Fashion
  • How To Create A Personal Style That Reflects Where You Are in Your Life
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Shirts, Jeans, and Shoes That Most Men Never Think of and All Women Notice Right Away
  • How To Appearer Taller and Leaner and Avoid Looking Short and Stocky By Making Just a Few Subtle Changes In Your Outfit

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  • BONUS MODULE: How to Flirt with Cougars, College Girls, and Co-Workers
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